Phnom Penh Tutors is founded on the belief that one to one, private tuition is a very powerful way to learn. Our years of experience in education has shown us that there are three important steps to a successful tutor placement.


Before we start planning a course or syllabus, we first have to first assess the student to learn more about their level and individual requirements. We prefer to carry out most of our assessments in person at a location of your choice, however, we can also do assessments over a video call.

We have found that the needs of our students varies massively so through our assessments the prime objectives of each client are catered for from the outset. Depending on the individual student, we have a range of different assessment tests designed to help fully understand their academic level. The results of the test will allow the tutor to set a course of study for the student with emphasis on the areas requiring the most attention.

Tutor Selection

The selection of our tutors is an integral part of our company. We pride ourselves on knowing the strengths of our tutors in order for us to match our clients to their perfect tutor. Phnom Penh Tutors has a rigorous tutor selection procedure and our experience in the industry gives us access to the very best teachers in the industry.

Monitoring and Feedback Report

In instances where we are tutoring children, regular contact will be made from the tutor to the parent in order to monitor the child’s progress and to track the stated targets set at the beginning of the course of study. Tutors will also provide details of the work covered since the last report and the next areas of work that shall be studied next.

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